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What is voucher printing?
Voucher is also called promotion purchase cards, loyalty cards, gift certificates,… are released by the seller. Customers can buy goods or services using that voucher according to the promotional value indicate when they own a voucher. Nowadays in retail field voucher become very popular to promote business and sales. However, many shops want to print voucher with small quantity but don’t know where to print? Which units have voucher printing service with cheap price and good quality?

Cheap voucher printing service at Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC
Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC is a process no printing company which provide almost printing services include voucher, loyalty cards, gift certificates, promotion purchase cards, coupons,… with our own experiences and technology Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC response all of your needs in printing voucher with the best price and always public, guarantee about the qualities of the products. Moreover, customers will be consult for free about design, size, and materials of the products.

free design and consult

1. Voucher value in business
Voucher make business works become more fluently. Each voucher is regarded as gratefulness from the shops to their customers. In addition, your trademark images are always on the voucher.
2. Voucher design
As I have mentioned, voucher presents your trademark value. Therefore, design is an important stage when decide to order printings regular vouchers will have your brand logo. Additionally, it also present the promotion value of the voucher. Many shops and trademark want to send a message of gratitude to customers through the vouchers.
At Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC, we provide customers advisory designer services, will probably bring you the best professional voucher.

3. Voucher printing materials
Couches paper is the most popular paper in voucher printing because it has high ink permeability suitable for offset printing technology, cheap price with many choices of models. Besides, coach paper coated with kaolin to help the glossy surface, The condo print on the voucher is bright.
4. Voucher’s size
Normally vulture is printed in rectangle, with various size. With loyalty card, promotion for loyal customers, the size of it usually the same as ATM cards to how to store more easily to save and bring with them. Ask for discount vouchers for special promotion usually the larger, thinner rectangular vouchers to help reduce cost and more impressive.

5. Voucher’s printing technology
With different needs in amount, customers will be consulted their appropriate printing technology that cost optimization. For small quantity and want to print voucher fast, laser print will be the best choice. Offset printing is suitable for bulk print orders. Vouchers will usually be printed in 4 colors, depending on the design, customers can also choose to print 1, 2 or 3 colors. To increase the elegance, create accents for your voucher, customers can refer to the techniques of stamping, gold stamping, silver logo.

6. Our commitments
Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC always want to bring you the best service. We guarantee about the quality of the products:
 Commit to re-print it there’s any error
 Delivery on time
 Customers can check the design before order printing
 Have printing service nationwide

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