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Cheap business card printing

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Business card is also called card visit, name card… it’s seems to be an important things that cannot be lost of any individuals or organizations, business in advertise the branch and make more relationship.
Business card always very necessary and popular but to impress others, individual or companies should choose a beautiful and unique business card form so become more impressive.
The purpose of business card
Business card is a small paper that contain all of the important information of any individuals or organizations include age, address, phone number, or email…
A right business card have to contain all of these information:

- Personal information
- Position, personal title
- Company’s logo and name
- Phone number of company are individuals
- Social network information

Also the business card it’s a small paper, it is still be very useful for organization or individuals. That is the reason why this small paper can open many big chances for its owner.

- Demonstrating the openness and transparency of an individuals. Therefore helping them more easily to reach their potential customers.
- Prove the professional and the reputation of the individuals organization. As a result, it’s can make more impressions with customer to get more chances in the future.
- Being one of the most cheapest communication methods that bring positive effects in promoting the image and brand of the business.

Standard specification a business card
Like other printing products, Card Visit will have the standardized general parameters to bring out the best and most beautiful products.

About material:
In business card printing - Card Visit has many types of paper used. Some types of paper commonly used in Card Visit are:

+ Briston paper 300g / m2 paper (also known as C300 Pindo): White paper quality, smooth surface, rolled lamination to prevent water, keep the color of the card, when cropping does not break the paper.

+ High-class fine art paper: The paper quality is multicolored, the paper surface is rough or grainy, often does not laminate, and does not cover the ink to reveal the elegance and high quality of the paper quality.

About size :
+ You can order Card Visit (business card, name card) with all sizes and designs at Vien Dong printing company
+ However, the most common standard size is: 90 x 55 mm.
About equipment:
+ Compensation: This method is often chosen by customers to create a strong, thick Card Visit by stacking different layers of paper to form a homogeneous mass.
+ Plastic handle: With Business card printed with high quality, Couche paper, it is usually processed by glossy or matte lamination

to protect the color layer, avoid scratches, ...

+ Square cropping card: this is a form to help save costs for the owner. Users can increase the aesthetics by choosing rounded corners.

+ In addition to the common forms above, some cases of cards are held in a special shape to make a difference by the CNC die-cutting method. This type of business card template will be very unique, easy to impress other people.

+ To increase the luxury, we can create accents by pressing gold / silver needles, submerging logos, symbols or certain text.

Why should customers choose printing business card at our company?

Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC – with more than 15 year experience with motto: fast, qualified, reasonable cost, luxury design, impressive form…
We always put the advantage of customers in the first place. That is the reason why all of our products are always machined carefully and with the best materials.

Here are some of our commitment:

- Warrant the standardization and accuracy of products as customers required.
- Commitment compensation if not on schedule and order quantities.
- With modern printing system, we can print a large number of cards in a quick time, response the needs of Business card immediately.
- Professional design team.
- Quality assurance service, dedicated consultants.

Some of our business card form

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