I/What is business card?

Business card or card visit is not sound to strange to us. A few years ago, when we heard about it, we would think business card just for some big companies or groups. But nowaday, printing business card not just for those big groups. Business card borns for anyone who need to communicate or make relationship in the professional enviroment.

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If you want to print business card in Ha Noi – the central of economic in Viet Nam, please take a look for some useful information of our company.

II/What does card visit use for? 

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III/Some beautiful samples of business card 

You can choose your favourite types of card visit.

* Business card using art paper:

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- The most popular.

* Business card using kraft paper

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- Look a little bit old.

- Most of young people like it.

* Business card using transparent plastic:

print business cards free design

- Look unique and modern.

- Professional.

+ There are some another kinds of business cards such as cladding paper, couch paper, white plastic, ect. Our Advisory department would give you some advises to get the best solution.

print business cards staples

The standard size of business cards are 90x55cm and 90x45cm. However, you could print any size as you want.

* Using fast printing would make you worry about it's quality, but it has never happened in reputable company like us. With 20 years experience in printing, we would not make you dissapoint about this.

* You can also using print online in our company. Just contact and give us the information, we will design and proceed. After that, it will be sent to you.

IV/ 4 steps to print a business visit:

Step 1: Customer will be given some advices about: materials, types, amount and price. If customer agree, we will deployment the contract.

Step 2: Our company will design market and send it to you, if customer agree, we will proceed to print.

Step 3: We will package into a plastic box and send to you.

* Vien Dong company also provide for you the other items like:

Print boxes, print catalogs, print labels, print cartons, print leaflets, print yearbooks, print photos, print matte paper

V/ Why you should choose us to print?

With experience of printing in 20 years, we have print and design many types of business cards.

We will give you the best advice:

- Model of cheap business card printing, modern equipment
- Make sure your business card printing business gets right, on time for customers.

- Professional business team will advise customers on the most economical and effective solution.

- Creative design team of Vien Dong Company is experienced and dedicated to making high-end business cards.
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