Cheap paper box printing service

Paper box printing is Vien Dong company’s strengthen service. Packaging box is not only for contain products inside for saving before distributed to the market but also improve the value of the products, introduce the branch and the images of the company. A good packaging help people consume the makers easier, attract customers to buy. Nowadays all the business are focusing a lot on improving the branch, so finding printing workshop that have cheap price and good quality in Hanoi are questioned by many business owners.
1. How important of paper box printing is?
Paper box help protect products from impact, damage better while transport, arrange it. Packaging also save makers from other factors such as weather, pollution, sunny or rainy…
Beautiful box show the professional, experiences in business advertisement. Printing good and special paper box include: lipstick box, tea contained box, cosmetic paper boxes, clothes boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, watch boxes, fruit boxes, food containers, cake paper boxes…etc
These packaging stimulate customers' ability to buy and also improve the belief with the branch through information on the boxes.

2. Where is the best place in Hanoi to print paper box?
Vien Dong printing company is a paper box workshop with more than 15 years experience in produce packaging and paper boxes. We also print on different material, diverse types and impressive design.
Vien Dong company has range production line and professional staffs will bring you the cheapest and best paper boxes as required.
System of offset printing machines, flexographic printers, digital laser printers, foil presses, die presses, stamping machines, indenters, automatic pasting machines.
Manufacture of high-class paper boxes with impressive and unique designs, ivory paper, couches, bristol, cardboard, carton, cardboard, UV-shaped processing, glossy lamination, translucent lamination, metallized

3. Types of paper boxes
To recognize types of paper boxes easier our company divided these packagings into three types include:
- Boxes with hard paper (cold carton, hot carton).
- Cardboard box cover (wave E, toothpick, AB wave, 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer wave ...)
- Kraft paper box cover (cement packaging cover).
- Duplex paper box case.
- Ivory paper box cover (high-grade paper material very often used to print paper boxes).
- Couches paper box.
- Bristol paper box.
- Metallized film paper box.

o Lid paper box installed.
o Flip paper box.
o Laminated paper box.
o Paper box with lid (removable paper box).
o Paper box with handle (hanging paper box).
o Bottom of paper box.
o Yin and Yang paper box.

• Paper box, not a gift.
• Product packaging paper box.
• Paper boxes for transporting goods.
Types of products printed on paper boxes such as cosmetics, clothes, candies, shoes, watches, food, fruits, lipstick, tea, bird's nests, pizza, fast food, wine, jewelry. ..

4. Benefit when printing paper boxes in Vien Dong fast printing
- Producing paper box packaging with closed factory system, modern equipment with offset printing machine, Flexo printer, Digital Laser Printer ...
- Have fast paper box printing service, on schedule delivery.
- Quality design, production quality, the number of paper boxes less or more as required
- In low-priced bulk paper boxes, larger quantities are cheaper.
- Unique and impressive paper box design team.
- Free shipping on all orders free paper box.


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