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Cheap paper bag printing service at Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC

Surely when reading this article, it also means that you are looking for a for professional unit in printing paper bags that are cheap, quality and reputed.

Maybe you are questioning: "Where is the best place to print paper bag with the optimal price?". This is not your own question, but many others have the same question as you, and this is a difficult question because there are so many printing companies in Hanoi today and Vien Dong company is also one of many establishments that print paper bags. "The printing group is also one of the many paper bag manufacturing facilities, what is the difference for me to choose but not some other unit on the market?".

Working with our company, your products will be satisfied because of the saving cost and the best quality that were produced by our modern equipment.
Through this article you will see more specifically benefits of ordering cheap paper bags at Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC.
Why should you choose printing at Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC
Nowadays, people tend to use fast printing paper products, unlike plastic bags made from persistent artificial materials, paper bags are essentially biodegradable materials, they are very friendly. environment, safe to human health and recyclable.

In addition, beautiful paper bags are considered as an effective marketing solution to help you build your image and promote your business brand through information and images designed to print on paper bags.

When your products reach customers, they will become more luxurious and polite when put in cute paper bags. Because of these outstanding advantages, choosing to print paper bags is very much interested by fashion businesses and shops.
The price of paper bag printing service is basically made from these following factors:
Paper bag price = Paper material + Printing + Processing

With each factor of size, material, printing technique, processing, the cost of printing paper service will be different.
As a result, current market price lists are often inaccurate and are not regularly updated. Understanding that, Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC has built up a detailed quotation sheet and is always updated to help customers get the most accurate quotes.


To have the fastest and most correct quotation, please call us at our hotline: 0969746866 / 0904242374, our consulted team will give you the cheapest price.

Some attentions before ordering paper bag

1. Materials

To get an affordable printed paper bag. Initially, you need to identify paper material. Currently at the printing group, paper bags are printed on a lot of diverse materials. Each paper, product, and purpose of use will vary, and because paper will affect your price, we want you to consider carefully before making a choice.

Commonly used paper materials:

Duplex paper, Couches paper, Ivory paper: The common quantity of these three materials is 200gsm - 300gsm but the most commonly used thickness is 250gsm. These paper bag printing materials to ensure the quality will be rolled outside.

- Duplex paper is often used to produce bags for confectionery products.

- Couches and Ivory paper suitable for most types of bags such as fashion, cosmetics, handicrafts, cake boxes, ..

- Kraft Paper: For Viet Tri Kraft paper, the commonly used quantity is 170gsm, 250gsm, and Japanese commonly used Kraft paper is 160gsm, 210gsm, 280gsm. Kraft paper is very environmentally friendly, which is popular with men and women in printing paper bags for men and women fashion, paper bags for shoes, vintage style paper bags, ....

Fine Art Paper: A very high-class and luxurious paper material that is also chosen by many businesses because of the rise in brand value used when printing paper bags for conference documents, printed paper gift bags, ...

2. Model and size

Paper bags come in a range types of shapes and sizes depending on your purpose, but the most commonly used are vertical and horizontal rectangular paper bags. In addition to highlighting the product brand, you can also choose other special shapes but the cost will be higher.

3. Technology and facilities

Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC proud to be one of the companies with most high quality printing techniques in Hanoi with machinery and equipment from Japan, Germany and overseas. One of the most modern printing technologies today is 4-color offset printing technology, which can print on all types of paper bag materials to help the product have high ink adhesion, content is not blurred, rarely occurs. smudging, minimizing print errors.

Paper bags after printing will have good image quality. Not only that, offset printing technology also makes the price cheaper and can print in larger quantities.

Benefits when ordering to print at Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC

With more than 15 years in the printing field, we always want to give our customers the best values that not all printing units can do. With the philosophy of Fairness - Transparency - Responsibility, you can completely trust when using our services.


- Commit to reprinting if errors occur: Each paper bag product before and after printing is thoroughly tested. We are responsible for our products, all paper bags if defective will be reproduced.

- Commitment to quality, lifetime warranty products

- Free color proof printing until you are satisfied: In order to provide the best quality of service as well as the best product, not only paper bags but also whatever products you order will be color-printed until you satisfied before sending to mass production.

- Free design advice, no bill difference: Our sales team is always ready to assist you with the optimal solution to help you print paper bags with the cheapest price. Our success is your satisfaction.

- Commitment to the schedule: We always try our best every day and every hour to get you our products in the fastest time. If a delay occurs in the delivery process we will compensate the customer for damage.

- Free shipping in Hanoi city: With the order value of your paper bag above VND 1 million.

To get best advice, free design and advantages please contact ☎️


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